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    My neighbor 2 houses down died a while ago and the house is just being reclaimed by the earth it’s kinda cool
    And the backyard is so pretty

    i wish the earth would reclaim me

    Earth ain’t gonna reclaim ur plant blog ass

    plant blogs r the best we r v down to earth

    im a lil confused because clearly we r all going 2 b reclaimed by the earth at some point unless earth itself is destroyed then we would be claimed by the universe eep!!!

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    painting during my spring break

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    Details at Hussein Chalayan F/W 2014-15.

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  13. Pisanello, Studio

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    'Lovers of Valdaro'

    Archaeologists in Italy discovered a couple buried 5,000 years ago, locked in an eternal embrace.

    Although it is not the only Neolithic burial to contain more than one person, double burials are rare, and the pose and the positioning of this couple are unique. After an initial examination of the bones, experts determined that the man and woman were no more than 20 years old, and both around 5 feet, 2 inches tall.

    As for the “lovers” themselves, archaeologists may not be able to determine their exact relationship or cause of death, but their discovery is one of the most remarkable finds in Neolithic archaeology.

    Science aside, for some they will remain forever embracing, a symbol of eternal love that echoes a certain doomed Shakespearean couple…