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    Biggest leaf

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     Kitchens Tiles with Varied Game”  |  Adriana Verejão

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    Cinematography by the late great Vadim Yusov

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    Backstage at Louise Goldin SS14, Photography by Mark Reay.

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    Exoskeletons Will Be the Eyeglasses of the 21st Century

    We don’t often realize it, but all fashion is predicated upon human beings’ predilection for prostheses and augmentations. All clothing, bags, and shoes are augmentation to our body, skin, and feet allowing us to deal with non-tropical climates, to carry large amounts of stuff, and to deal with harsh or unforgiving terrain. If humans hadn’t already modified ourselves, the only fashion we’d have is hairstyle. […]

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    Anika Smulovitz, Lip Liner, 2003

    white people be like “kiss me”

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    a child’s skull before losing baby teeth.

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